Dogged determination to improve

Police BikesSome wise words from Gavin Allen, the new controller of BBC daily news programmes. According to the Guardian’s Media Monkey diary, he did his first walkabout this week and told staff to ‘be a dog with a bone: if you can see a way to improve what we do…then obsess about it and don’t give up until we’ve given it our best shot’.

I read this on the day that one of our associates, Gail Hackston, had the pleasure of seeing her hard work come to fruition with the launch of a new crime dashboard for MOPAC – the Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime in London. It shows Londoners at a glance how the Metropolitan Police is doing against a number of key indicators. Gail’s been working with MOPAC since the beginning of the year on a number of projects including this one.

The simplicity of the presentation belies the work that went into making this happen. Working with senior politicians, advisers, data and policy specialists and the Metropolitan Police, all with their own complex views and needs, Gail had to be ‘the dog with a bone’ at the centre of the project to keep it on track.

When she’s not working for us, Gail’s a writer, producer and film director whose short film Cancer Hair won ‘best of the fest’ as well as best short fiction film at the Isle of Man film festival this year. Her dogged determination is taking her to LA in the Spring to pitch ideas for her next project.

Whether we bring lessons from the challenges of work into our personal projects, or vice versa, energy is a driving force for achievement. ‘Do something because it intrigues or excites or frustrates or enrages you’, Allen went on to say to his BBC colleagues. If we all put a little of that philosophy into practice every day, what could we achieve?


Published on: 21 October 2014
Posted by: Carol Grant